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Keeping Pets Healthy


Taking your pet to the veterinarian for a wellness exam is one of the most important ways for your pet to stay healthy.  Illnesses or medical conditions can be treated before they cause significant harm.  The sicker your pet, the more expensive it will be to treat them.  Vaccines, rabies shots, flea & tick treatment, and heart worm prevention is essential.

Rockbridge Animal Alliance will assist our clients with Wellness Exams for dogs ages 2 to 6 and Sick Pet Exams for dogs of all ages.  Following the completion of an approved application, pet owners will be responsible for a $40 co-pay.


PLEASE BE AWARE:  If you have been granted a voucher and do not show-up for your scheduled appointment at one of our participating veterinarians, we will not offer services to you in the future.  Veterinarians are extremely busy and booked well in advance.  You are expected to have consideration for others and be a responsible pet owner.

Veterinarian Assistance Request Form

Please complete an application for each pet you are requesting services for.

Has your pet seen a veterinarian in the past?
How old is your dog?
How much does your pet weigh?

We'll get back to you soon.

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