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Senior Dog Wellness

Be Observant

Your dog may be showing signs of getting old both physically and mentally.  Different breeds and sizes of dogs age at different rates.  Help your senior dog age gracefully by providing veterinary care and recognizing possible signs of difficulty.

  • Cloudy eyes and difficulty seeing

  • Dental problems, bad breath

  • Difficulty getting up and down

  • Lumps and bumps

  • Incontinence or difficulty going

  • Weight change

  • Pacing at night

  • Confusion

  • Increased barking

  • Compulsive behavior

  • Accidents in the home

  • Forgetting commands they once knew

  • Change in activity level

  • Anxiety

  • Not recognizing people or things they know

Older dogs merit special attention and regular wellness checks. This is important so that if your dog develops a disease, it can be recognized and treated as early as possible, thereby maintaining his or her quality of life for as long as possible.  Dogs in general are good at masking illnesses, and as they age this can be life threatening.

Thanks to The Grey Muzzle Organization, Rockbridge Animal Alliance were able to assist many senior dogs in 2023, ages 7 and up, residing in Rockbridge County, Virginia with free wellness exams, preventative vaccines, and a diagnostics.  This program was so successful, we felt it was important to continue to offer this program.  Our dogs give us many years of love and companionship.  Lets make sure we make their golden years as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

PLEASE BE AWARE:  If you have been granted a voucher and do not show-up for your scheduled appointment at one of our participating veterinarians, we will not offer services to you in the future.  Veterinarians are extremely busy and booked well in advance.  You are expected to have consideration for others and be a responsible pet owner.

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